Panoramic Shots @OMDB and KDCA

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Here is my attempt at panoramic shots in infinite flight. The first picture was at Dubai International on Friday’s FNF event. The second one is at Ronald Reagan Washington-National.

Aircraft Route and Details

Aircraft: B77W (Boeing 777-300ER) and A320 (Airbus A320-200)
Airline: Emirates and JetBlue
Route: 1st picture: RJTT - OMDB | 2nd picture: N/A
Flight Time: 1st picture: 10h and 19 mins | 2nd picture: N/A
Server: Expert

Dubai - taken over runway 12R/30L

Washington-National - taken from the ATC tower


Ohh yeah nice
Emirates has upgraded its planes to be able to operate on curved runways

Jokes aside, interesting photos!


Thanks haha!!

@TransportForLife This is very cool. Great shots! Also I see myself in the JetBlue ERJ-190 that is closer to the tower parked at the gate

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Thank you!

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How’d you take these great photos?

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Wow, very nice photos!

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@Captain_Awerty thanks!!

@fly.akm using the Adobe Photoshop photomerge tool.

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