Panning shots at Hong Kong International Airport


I’ve been practicing my panning skills recently at Hong Kong International Airport. Unfortunately, it was quite hazy on the day, and shooting at 400mm naturally led to the shots being slightly blurrier than it would have been on a clear day.

Before I show you my favourite the panning shots, here’s how a normal shot looks from the same spot.

(f8, 1/500)

So here’s the first one:

(f22, 1/60)
This was right after golden hour at Hong Kong, as you can see, there was still some gold on the nose.

Second shot:

(f22, 1/50)
I cropped out less background for this shot. You can see how quickly the aircraft are coming in, even at this distance from the amount of blur on the background.

Unfortunately, the HKSAR government’s continually strict regulations have caused strangulation for many of the airlines that fly here, especially Cathay. Reading about the rising resignations of pilots spared from the redundancy is very painful.

Anyways, hope you like the photos. If possible, please head over to my instagram where I post my aviation pictures and drop a follow (I plan to post more often soon).


Wow, those look great, honestly I kind of like the blurry background


Love shots! Especially at one of my Home airports, Hong Kong


NGL this one looked like IF for a second. 😂😂

Cool photos!!


Thank you all! :)


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