Panning Practice - Manchester

Hi all!

It was my first time attempting to Pan today… this is how I did. All images were shot in 1/80th


I’m confused why sunwing (airline in Canada) is with tui plane lol.

Nice pic bro

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They do some leasing here and there I think


This might be a delivery to TUI from sunwing, the paint job wasn’t completed

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Sunwing is actually partially owned by TUI. The company has a 49% share in Sunwing Travel Group, which owns Sunwing.

Both Sunwing and TUI share each other’s planes during peak seasons in their respective peak seasons. Basically if one or the other needs more planes for more people, they have an agreement to share planes. However, there have been talks into switching the Sunwing livery to the TUI livery (just with the sunwing logo on it) all together.

Unlikely, might be a balancing of their fleets or something to do with the previous agreement I stated.

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These are some great pans! And that 787 takeoff photo was amazing!

Wow! The Virgin 787 picture is amazing!

To those asking why there is a Sunwing/TUI hybrid livery.

Basically, during winter month around half of the 737 fleet are leased to Sunwing. They normally return to the UK around April/May. However due to COVID these haven’t been repainted yet.

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