PANC Special Taxiway

you cant expect to be in alaska and not have ga planes that need a bigger runway than a small gravel strip at your airport.

time to go, 1 minute.

You can’t expect a controller to go on the IFC while controlling.


Here’s the thing:

Despite what the most “realistic” thing is, you cannot and should not expect controllers to know about these “secret” or “special” runways are at different airports. I think the rule of thumb should be, is that if it’s not implemented in Infinite Flight, IFATC should not be obliged to use it.

Furthermore, you’re asking a controller to allow you to use this taxiway, check his DM and to respond all during peak times. No the best idea.

I suggest you use this taxiway on Casual and not during the peak times on Expert.


So basically from what I understand you want to wait for ATC to leave to taxi through a non-existing taxiway, basically grass?

You’re on the wrong server, if you do that on expert I wouldn’t be surprised if you got a vacation.

Also there’s no need to get mad at us for not being “realistic” its been discussed many times on the forum why sometimes ATC can’t use real life procedures.

Take this in mind.

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