PANC Special Taxiway

While PANC is open today, if your doing ga then you can use Z41 but also can go to PANC without having to take off. This taxiway isnt in game but it should be. And here it is.

Around the edge of the lake you will see the yellow wording, follow it. Thought I’d give this to yall so yall can have some fun.


Better example of the taxiway in game


Hi Haden, you might want to be careful trying to do this on expert, and if you do let ATC know through some means of communication. The airport editing team is aware the Z41 is oudated and a rework will be coming for it sometime as it is on my personal to do list.


PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. Unless of course if you want a “That is not a taxiway” warning.

and also.


I plan on contacting them, dont worry.

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Plus, normally I’d calling if I was gonna taxi through there (panc) in real life.

So it adds to realism

Something I like about this taxiway is that it is also a road used for cars. It’s pretty cool seeing a plane taxi behind you.


Love Lake Hood!
The road is also a taxi way you MUST yield to aircraft on road, we do have signs around Lake Hood with that. In reality it’s better just depart from the strip or lake and not go over to ANC unless you can’t depart the strip.

Yeah, I’m thinking about flying in on the gravel then loading up with a bunch of luggage and 2 more people then flying out to tallahouse I think it is.

So I’ll have to taxi to the bigger runway cause of weight

im flying in now from homer. Ima take the gravel then taxi over to the big runway with a half tank and 2 more people onboard and head off to talkeetna. Keep an eye out for N80091

coming in to land now

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I see you right now, good luck on your landing. Btw I am currently in PAED.

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now i need ethan to see my dm and ill be good to start my taxi. I might switch to the ground frequency for PANC and request taxi to an active runway and he will hopefully understand.

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cub got off at the numbers lol

ima contact PANC ground now

this might be an issue. It says no light aircraft and he isnt checking his dm

Well this was a fun read.

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If you find me at PANC im just sitting here waiting for atc to go offline so i can use unicom. Its more realistic then the IFATC supprisignly enough.