PANC Airspace & Ground Model

Device: iPhone 12 Pro Max
Operating system: iOS 15.4

Hello! I was just about to start a flight from PANC and noticed two completely separate things for the first time;

  1. PANC is listed as a Bravo instead of a Charlie like it is IRL
  2. PANC &. PALH (Lake Hood) actually share taxiways IRL and not in IF. It kind of resembles it in IF but not completely (see photo below). I was a) wondering if this could be noted internally and b)if there could be a linear demarcation that shows Ground Control Boundaries (PANC AND PALH operate out of the same tower and just casually hand planes off from one ground to the other IRL on Taxiway Victor in between the Airport road closer on the Ted Stevens side)
  3. This last one is controversial, I would (and others could) consider PALH to be incomplete as most planes and operators who use the runways (especially the paved one) are parked/located around the east and south side of the lake as well as on the man-made peninsulas on the north end of the lake (see taxi diagram(s) below).
Reference Photos for #2

Photos taken from Foreflight and Google Earth (last one)

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Just some minor things I wanted to point out. Just hoping someone could look into this or help explain #1 to me about the airspace. Thank You! I have ramp access for PALH and could have a friend to help me with the PANC ramp access if need be.


Hello Chillin907!

I’d be happy to expand and elaborate on all of these things listed in your topic to help answer your questions.

This would be down to the way Infinite Flight processes airport classes. Previously airports could not have their respective class changed, so they were automatically assigned by runway characteristics and the such, meaning Anchorage was classed as a Bravo. This can be fixed for a future release if needed.

PALH was planned to be reworked manually after PANC was fully reworked back at the start of 2020, this meant including the connecting taxiway (Anchorage was set up for it to be connected). I’m not 100% sure why PALH didn’t proceed, however this would be the root cause as the airport is still automatically generated.

This would be relating back to the sentence above, the airport is still automatically generated and has not been manually edited yet as the plan to do so did not proceed.

I hope these answer your questions, let me know of anything else you can help with airports-wise. :)


Well then…… A 3D request for PANC!?! Haha!

Thanks for filling me in on that! Can’t wait to see the completed result in the future! Positive climb!


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