Panavia Tornado

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The Panavia Tornado is a multi-role variable sweep-wing fighter which is used by several European air forces.
I would see this as an useful addition if we should get another fighter jet.

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Revive the sweep wing aircraft (B1B, F111,…)!


Revive the swept wing beautiful

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Looks nice 👍

Would like to have this one in IF

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Looks great would like to see this

Love this livery! Needed in IF! 😎🇦🇺

Every time I look at this post I think it’s talking about an actual tornado. Every time. but dang that’s a sick jet

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I like that you like it!

I don’t need it now, but it might be nice some time

Oh my this would be awesome. I would love the Tornado now we have all the amazing airbases in the U.K. to chose from. Livery is pretty cool.


Didnt think about that but its true. There are actually a lot of special liveries for that one, I mean that old rusty shed is pretty long in service now ;)

Ten char


This is one cool looking aircraft.

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