Panamanian Government Embraer Legacy 600

This is the presidential plane of Panama, purchased in 2009 with the financial aid from the Taiwanese government and delivered in January 2010, this airplane replaced the old Grumman Gulfstream II presidential plane.

Before you begin to ask questions like “why you didn’t put air force?”, let me make clear the fact that the Republic of Panama doesn’t have an air force neither an army.


Wow, what a big explanation to all my doubts about your defense systems.

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It’d look good. We have Air Force one, why not add this?

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That’s your presidential plane? I thought the president uses a Copa Airlines 737…😂

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Nah, we don’t let president Varela to use the 737s of Copa never :)

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I’ve never seen that plane before, why it’s not in Tocumen?

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Because it’s stored in Albrook airport silly…😂

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That’s an interesting livery.

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Well…that’s Panama. Anyway Taiwan was generous in helping us to purchase the plane. Thanks Taiwan!🇹🇼🇵🇦


We should add that plane

I think this should deserve a new topic, as this doesn’t have that much detail in it😀

Panama is getting an a330 soon I think,





Whats not Albrook airport lol

Panama’s VIP airplanes are stored at MPMG

Panama ain’t getting the 787 or the A330, too much money in maintenance, money we don’t have due to corruption, fiscal fraud and illicit enrichment by our “honorable” legislators. At this point, having such big airplanes as for VIP transportation unviable. The 787 in the image is just an artistic concept and the other picture is the old airplane currently stored in Florida.

I think Panama should get the 737

or a319. They need an bigger plane.

At this point is not happening, even though I’d support the idea. We’re under-budget and we have to invest in other meaningful things for now.

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50% of the money is coming from the Panama Canal.

Though the Canal is our main source of economy, we depend in other areas such as tourism, agriculture and exportation of some goods and merchandise. Not taking out corruption and greed from the equation, we’ll be far from purchasing a better airplane, and possibly paying off our public debt.

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