Pan Pan or Mayday

A single pilot gets a laser to the eye. What do you call Mayday or Pan Pan?

  • Mayday
  • Pan Pan

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Pan Pan

Thought it would be cool to do a new question type thing on the forum. Enjoy

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I don’t see how this relates to IF?


Real world Aviation

I don’t know how to fix it I set max to one

Again, you know the answer. It’s a pretty obvious answer… And i am sure everyone for the most part knows the answer.

Some people may not it’s just something fun they can do

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Honestly, it depends on the situation. A laser pointer can instantly have a really bad impact on the vision. If it’s that bad that a pilot requires instant medical attention or even worse, both pilots are affected, it’s a full emergency.

Therefore: That’s not a question you can answer with a right or wrong.


Marc coming in spitting facts. Nicely done

I’m basing this on c captain Joe video. Vision is not life threatening therefore it is Pan Pan. Also talking bout only one pilot sorry about the confusion

Not to be a buzz kill but I believe a similar topic got closed due to a limited amount of scenarios

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I mean, you gave us the answer. Depends on the situation though. We got tagged by a laser about 3 weeks ago. We didn’t have to declare an emergency or anything like that. Yes it hit us and the aircraft but we weren’t affected by it in a way that would be a safety risk to continue the flight. Reported incident to ATC, filled out a few reports and called it a day. Don’t have to over play it a whole ton. I wouldn’t idolize these YouTubers as much as you folks tend to. They tend to/can blow things out of proportion.