Here, you can ask if certain scenarios are declared as a “Mayday” or “Pan Pan” call, pretty straight forward.

I’ll start us off.

What if the Co-Pilot was incapacitated? Which would you use?

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I would probably use MAYDAY given that I’m not a pilot 😉

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Mayday - when you’re in a life threatening situation

Pan-Pan - when you in an urgent situation that isn’t immediately life threatening

By simply noting these two points, anyone can easily recognise a pan pan or mayday situation. Thus I don’t believe a thread like this is necessary.


Because an incapacitated pilot can be or is a life threatening emergency, you would use mayday. Pan pan is used for urgent issues that are non-life threatening.

@Hamza.N states it pretty well above.

Mayday probably, because it threatens the passengers safety and could hurt or kill the crew (co-pilot)

@Mr-plane-guy1 This event is not an immediate emergency because there would be another pilot thus would be a Pan Pan.

Limited topic. You’ll run out of scenarios.