Pan Am VA

Welcome to Pan Am VA, We are currently based in KJFK and we currently operate a fleet of 196 Boeing 747-200 and Our Pilots are-

  1. Yardan Sheikh (@B747fan)- Clipper 01 Heavy , Clipper 07 heavy * and Clipper 73 heavy *
  2. Samuel Cormier (@Sam1)- Clipper 02 Heavy
  3. Thomas Thuta (@Thomas_Thuta) - Clipper 03 Heavy
  4. Jack Mott (@Jack982005) - Clipper 04 Heavy
    We operate the following routes
    KLAX - KNUC (And Return Also)
    KJFK - KEWR (And Return Also)
    YSSY - YSCB (And Return Also)
    YSSY - YSRI (And Return Also)
    YSCB - YSRI (And Return Also)
    WSSS - WMKK (And Return Also)
    WSSS - WMKM (And Return Also)
    We are also considering more routes
    For joining contact either @B747fan or @Sam1 or @Thomas_Thuta
    *= The Person who will be Clipper 07 heavy will get Clipper 07 Heavy flight of 2 and the same with Clipper 73 contact me for further details
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will this airline fail like its real world version? XD


No not really and Pan Am was unofficial Flag Carrier of USA


So tempted to join join… love the pan am livery… :)


If you wanna join y
Your call sign will Clipper 04 Heavy

ohh yes, thanks you :) you need my email or anything =)

Email id @Jack982005 pm me

Tempted to join…

@B767fan and @B747fan are you related?

Not in anyway. He changed his username, he used to be Yardan_Sheik.

Back on topic now please.


Glad to be a part of Pan Am😜👌👍😏

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Please join the slack

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I’m presuming you have sent an email?
Update: Sorry I have got it, I couldn’t find it because it was pushed down by the Cruiser emails😂 Sorry again

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I have to say a Pan American VA is a nice idea. But do you guys have to Spam Virtual Airline ideas? I think VA rules should change to just one per person, not 1000. Just my honest opinion.

Oh, and @B747fan. Why change your name? Are you trying to confuse people with @B767fan? Yardan_Sheik was a good username, but mimic who you like. Anyway, back to making my account sleeping.

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I have only 5 I won’t create more

5 is too much, how do you manage it? Do You have a life?


Well it was Yardan Sheikh not sheik

To be honest @B747fan, some of those will fall. You will be too busy, and you will forget them. Start with ONE VA for beginners. Now back to my sleep, see you soon!


Pan Am’s first event is here:

Please please please please! Tell me you have a website :)