Pan Am livery design challenge

Hello everyone
For this challenge, you must re-design the Pan American Airlines livery on a modern aircraft.


You must use Adobe photoshop and Adobe illustrator ONLY for making the livery. And the tail lines should be visible like this:

The winner gets to be a watcher on the latest OIO group mission (OIO 2 from RAF Fairford to Raf Lyenham


does it have to be photoshop, i mean it is a payed software


True point, I use MS PAINT instead

Yes. Photoshop only.

Oh that’s sad, had great ideas, but that’s fine

You can also use Adobe Illustrator

I use autodesk sketchbook would that qualify

No. Only Photoshop and Illustrator

Oh ok that’s fine

Look. You can go to your nearest computer store and buy the CD for installing PS. I did it that way.

I have a Mac book

Oh. Okay. I have a windows laptop so I don’t know how to do it on Macs

Yah, autodesk is the main art software I use

There’s nothing like the original.
I do wonder what you guys come up with.

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Something simple?
Just a rough edit.


Why only Adobe programs. I get that you want some quality designs but I hope you realise PS and Ai aren’t the only professional programs out there. It makes no sense to only allow PS and Ai. How would you even check it.

So in short: is this a design challenge or is it a challange to see who is best with PS and Ai?


Just use whatever program you want. See if he notices!


I can notice cos Adobe ptograms make a different look

RR and GEnx make different sounds, but produce the same result. So why does it matter?

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RR’s have to all be replaced. So far, GeNX don’t. Big difference, but on an entire other level. :)