Pan-Am into KJFK?

I’ve been chiefly flying the Pan Am 747-200 into and out of KJFK for my cross-Atlantic training flights, and I was wondering what Terminal I should be using since Terminal 3 Worldport is destroyed. I considered using Delta Gates in Terminal 4 since they bought Pan Am’s Assets, but none of the Gates in Terminal 4 have dual jetbridges like Terminal 1.

So far I’ve just been switching between Terminal 1 and 4, but I’m curious what Terminal others use. I know it’s a minor detail that doesn’t fully matter, but I want to know if there is a ‘correct’ terminal to request from ATC.


Hmmmm… I believe that is at @PanAm_Virtual Airlines use Terminal 4… Be sure to check us out below!

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B29 should have a double bridge, no? Also A6 and A7 have them.

I applied! Not sure if I answered the questions right or am experienced enough to be accepted, but it’d be fun to be part of a virtual pan am considering I pretty much exclusively fly the Pan Am 747-200 on my long hauls. And maybe I can learn more about how to actually fly realistically…


Thank you!
I was using Google Earth to look at Terminal 4, and completely missed the dual jetbridges. I didn’t realize the part of the terminal that the A6 and A7 gates are at are a part of Terminal 4. And I also completely missed B29.


We will get back soon

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