Pan Am DC-10

One of the most iconic airlines of history was Pan American Airways, setting the global standard for flight travel in the 20th Century. Unfortunately, the only aircraft in Infinite Flight currently with a Pan Am livery is the B742. However, with the near release of the DC-10, this is an opportunity to show our love to one of the greatest airlines of all time.

History behind the Pan Am DC-10:
In 1980, Pan Am received the 16 DC-10s they had previously ordered, making them one of the largest users of the DC-10 of the time. Unfortunately, Pan Am’s history with the DC-10 was short lived. A few years after the initial deliveries to Pan Am in 1980, the airline began to sell off the planes, with the majority being sold in American Airlines in 1984.

The Pan Am livery that was on the DC-10 was their iconic livery that they used throughout the 60s, 70s, and early 80s. It looks especially good on the DC-10, which you can see below:

Thank you for reading through this! Show your support and give Pan Am some love with your vote (or just a nice comment).

Thank you @schyllberg for closing the old topic.

Cool request. Lets wait and see what liveries come out in the release.


I am optimistic it will be in the initial release, but I also thought it made sense to highlight its importance with the feature request.

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This one is definitely on my favourite livery list. I can’t wait to fly it from JFK to LAX if possible =)

Anyway, I love your request. Organized and structured. I love to see more and more better looking feature request ;)

I wish I have more votes for this


Well. If you’re so sure about it’s future release. Then I suggest you make this a real world aviation topic rather than a feature request. Obviously that would also mean having to modify it a bit.

You will still be able to stress the importance for the livery in that format. But i think that feature requests should saved for stuff that is not being added and should.

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I mean, I am not 100% certain. If it is added, I will change it to RWA after its release.

Less talking about the thread, more
Pan Am!


Mm, cant wait I am hoping this one though…

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It would be crazy if this wasn’t added. Definitely a yes from me!


I really hope this gets added! That way I could do flights to/from JFK from places across the world!

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@Reedgreat you have a crystal ball ?


Great livery. Hopefully more people vote instead of making snide comments 🤓


I would vote for this but I’m out of votes and we can just wait and see what liveries there will be.👍

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The Pan Am livery will always be one of my favorite retro liverys. I can’t wait for the DC-10!

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To be quite honest… I dont like it…


On a sidenote… It would be kind if you type out whos photo it is as it could be unclear in the photo… You want to give proper credit! :)

Photocredits - AIRLINERS.NET - Frank C. Duarte Jr

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The citation is in the photo ;)

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Such a beautiful airplane, such a beautiful airline 👌🏻


Bumping this piece of history! It deserves to be on IF!

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Totally agree! It was an essential part of Pan am’s flret.

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I LOVE THIS!I love Pan am,it’s my favorite Airline ever!

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Such a shame that Infinite Flight is missing the glorious Pan Am DC-10! Bump ;)