Pan Am Boeing 747-121 N735PA "Clipper Young America".

Deliveries of twenty-five Boeing 747-121s to Pan Am started on December 12, 1969. The airline flew over 300 employees from New York to London on January 12, 1970.
N735PA “Clipper Young America”, which had been delivered just three days earlier, landed at London-Heathrow three hours late, after one of its Pratt & Whitney J79D fan-jet engines had to be changed.
On January 21, 1970, Pan Am began a scheduled Boeing 747 commercial service with non-stop flights between New York and London, when N736PA “Clipper Victor” completed the flight after N733PA “Clipper Constitution” had suffered engine problems at JFK airport.

“Classic Early Jet Liners 1958-1979”.

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