Pan am 747-200 info

The Pan Am N730PA in infinite flight didn’t start its life like that it’s SN 20888 LN 240 and taking its first flight on 06/21/1974 it was first delivered to Singapore Airlines in 1974 flying as 9V-SQC flying with them until 09/16/1980 until it was sold to Flying Tigers and reregistered as N749TA on 06/01/1981 Metro Int purchased her keeping that tail number and leasing it Nigeria Airways it wasn’t until 03/06/1983 that she was bought by Pan Am tail numbered N730PA and named gem of the ocean she flew with them until 05/01/1993 where she finished out her life as a cargo hauler for tower air, southern air and then evergreen international as N486EVimage



Now that is one livery (SIA) I just have to request for… California here we come xD

If SoCal is full of these planes… Dang

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