Palm Springs RNAV Rwy 13R

Now this is a most interesting approach… Certainly the published chart caught my attention with its large swirling circle turning left until the runway. Necessitated by the terrain, it was a fun approach to load into the flight plan, and a good one to try out as well!

Here’s a link to the page with the chart for download…

I took shots from my two arrivals so far, both in Solo mode with the B737-700… please excuse the fact there are different liveries.

First sight of the area after flight from San Diego, Palm Springs to left and the Salton Sea ahead on the right…

The big circling approach begins…

Getting down to around 4000ft, the terrain gets closer!

The last turns before the runway heading…

Finally course 130 to the runway…

Tarmac at last…

I hope you liked the pics, and interest may be stirred to try the approach yourself!

mcgregni / ZK-MCG


Hello there please follow these rules there should be no more than 10 photos


I too landed at KPSP, but on runway 31L. The approach was fun!

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Man, i never knew Palm Springs had an approach like that!
Nice photos!

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Sorry didn’t know about the photo limit… Should I delete some?..

Back to 10 photos now…

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Thanks Sturmovic and Aviation108!


I’ve been wanting to fly the RNAV RNP into PSP for a while now in IF, but unfortunately the CRJ can’t do RNP approaches, so for the time being I’ll just enjoy these screenshots

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Hmmm, well, I don’t think the 737-700 can do them technically either, at least not in IF! I was lazy and just used the waypoints for LNAV and VNAV on autopilot… I suppose I could try and fly the circle manually…

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