Palm Springs not allowing 737?

Been flying the 737-800 in and out of KPSP for several years and landed there this morning. Now it’s says I can’t fly out because the plane is too big. Did something change?

Take note that some Gate Restrictions may be faulty. Post your issues in this thread:

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I’ve looked at the KPSP file, there’s nothing out of the ordinary, you should be able to spawn a Boeing 737 perfectly in the terminal.

Is there any place in this airport in which you can’t spawn a 737?


Ok this is weird. Yeah I can’t take from Santa Barbara (ksba) either.
If it’s not a problem for others than what could be going on at my end?

Ok. Please belay my last. It’s not the airport. It’s where on the airport. I never had that problem before.
Thanks everyone

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