Palm Springs gate 4 Bug

at Palms Springs int. there is a bug where when u start at gate 4 it does not put u on the gate taxi line by a long shot.Your really far off from that taxi line. Its really frustrating

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I noticed that too

isn’t it so frustrating !

Yeah, but I just use other gates. @Kilt_McHaggis could fix the problem

KPSP was redone newly if I recall correctly.

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How long ago?

I was unable to find out, I think some changes has been done to the repo. Just out of my mind I think it was about 2-3 months ago and I think @IceBlue was working on it, although not sure.

This happens at any gate, doesn´t it?

Yes it does, we only have control of where the center of the airplane spawns, so if you choose a long aircraft you can expect to spawn in front of the line.

but the thing is its really far off no matter what

well its hasn’t been fixed

It will most likely be fixed in the next scenery push.

Yep, I finished redoing this just after Christmas. More gates have been added, and should be on the line :)

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Gate 4 as in current library


Are those blue and green lights?

Yes; we add them in so if they are added airports are ready to go for them.


well it doesn’t line up like for sure when i do it

Joshua, this is because you are running the current version of IF. When the next update comes out the fix will be added. Hope this helps.


thank you !!

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Can you redo Gate 7 aswell @Kilt_McHaggis