Palm Springs Flyout: Retro Style!

Welcome to the Retro Palm Springs Flyout hosted by @Butter575. I’m sure that many of you know by now that Palm Springs is one of my favorite airports out there. I have created three flyouts from this airport but the one type of flyout I haven’t done here is a Retro Flyout. Join me as I try to fill up this airport once again… Retro Style!

Date: 15JUL23
Airport: KPSP
Server: Expert

Main Terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
01 Allegiant A320 Phoenix Mesa @TheGynSpotter
03 Virgin America A320 San Francisco
04 American (Chrome) 737-800 Dallas Fort Worth @YT_Sniegutizzz
05 JetBlue A321 Boston
06 Rouge Canada A319 Toronto @Alaska_298
07 Alaska 737-800 Portland @anon36731834
08 Southwest (Canyon Blue) 737-700 Phoenix @SouthwestVirtual // @AviatorGriffYT
09 Southwest (Desert Gold) 737-700 Las Vegas
10 Westjet 737-800 Calgary @IF.Kaden
11 Alaska 737-800 Seattle @fiVeleVelsdoWn
12 Southwest (Canyon Blue) 737-700 Dallas Love @SouthwestVirtual
13 Southwest (Canyon Blue) 737-700 Denver @SouthwestVirtual // @Keegan_Butler
14 Air Tran 737-700 Atlanta @Cole_Woodard
15 Frontier A318 Denver
16 U.S Airways A320 New York @Avaitor1
17A Southwest (Canyon Blue) 737-800 Sacramento @Cryptronic11
17B United CRJ2 San Francisco @anon38552190
17C Delta CRJ2 Salt Lake City @Arnav_G
18 United CRJ2 Los Angeles @Flyin.Hawaiian
19 Alaska CRJ7 Boise
20 United CRJ2 Denver @DJW
GA Ramps

Aircraft: CL35, A318, 737-700

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
GA 15 Private CL35 Napa @Thomas_Cunningham
GA 16
GA 17
GA 18
GA 19
GA 20
GA 21
GA 22
GA 23
GA 24
GA 25
GA 26
GA 27
GA 28
GA 29

Frequency Controller
ATIS: @BenjiTheBull
Ground: @BenjiTheBull
Tower: @BenjiTheBull

  • I am not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • Use Unicom correctly if necessary
  • Act professionally
  • Have fun!

This event is sponsored by Southwest Virtual. Make sure to go check them out in their thread linked below. Thank you for helping me make this event amazing!


Can I do the AirTran 737-700 to Atlanta?

Sure thing.

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Hey could we sponsor?
Griff, PRS and CEO of Southwest Virtual

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Of course! Please pm me

Sweet, thanks!


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I’ll get you down

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yep me please

I’ll get you signed up

I really want to join but I will be in Alaska for my job :<

That’s unfortunate. Have fun in Alaska though

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I probably wont lol, I’m a bristol bay commercial fisherman. So not exactly fun 😂
I will try to make the best of it though lol

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please and thanks!

this please

You all have been added

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New Sponsor!

Southwest Virtual has decided to sponsor this event! Make sure to check out their thread linked below or at the bottom of the event! Thanks again to SWVA for sponsoring!


Can I get that one?

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Sure thing.

Rian would like this