Palm Springs ATC annoyance

I was just flying in SoCal region near big bear city L35 and this person on Palm Springs Approach kept on ordering me to land for some reason. I filed VFR numerous times, but he never understood. The issue with ATC I think is that pilots can’t critique the controller other than thank you good day. Anyway, I hope you understand me frustration.


Sadly, you were flying on TS1 as I believe. There is nothing that we can do regarding this, but what I can suggest to you is to fly on Expert, it’s a lot better and helps to filter out these TS1 topics. 😂


No need to start complaining on TS1 ATC – it’s called “training” for a reason. If you want realistic ATC, fly Expert. :)


I think @Haifan_Day is right to complain, TS1 is not an excuse for ruining the game, you can train but you shouldn’t be able troll or annoy people for no reason
Plus, Expert requires a higher grade, and not everybody wants to spend as much time as required for it on the sim, but they deserve a good experience too


Did you catch the controllers name? Maybe (little chance) but he may be on these forums… 😕🤔🙃😉