Palindrome update?!

Infinite flight releases its 22.2 update on Tuesday, 22 March 2022 (aka first palindrome update)

This update will make you smile😃


22.2 on 22/3/2022

Well, if it was a month earlier, it’d definitely be cooler nonetheless.


The second day of the week, a 22nd in 2022. The devs come up with quite a few funny things sometimes ^^


Yes of course but it also came with 2 features (excluding avelo livery)😃

Just realised that this month’s 22nd and last month’s 22nd both fell on a Tuesday…

Edit: Never mind, just discovered that actually happens every year (except in a leap year). Thought I found something cool… well I did. A date in February will fall on the same day as that same date in February in March. Basically, 1 February will fall on the same day as 1 March will, and so on.

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