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I’m confused. What’s that about? What’s your question? Do you even have a question? Again, I’m confused.

I believe this is matter is about joining a VA?

It’s true you need to be IFVARB approved to post in #live:va, but I think suing is a bit far.

And also, I’d like to see the contract between IF and Philippine Airlines😂


Okey, I try to understand it:

There are two VAs.

  1. PAL Virtual
    They are IFVARB approved and operate out of the IFC.
  1. IFPHG
    They are not IFVARB approved and don’t operate out of the IFC though.

And now PAL Virtual wants to sue IFPHG over copyright infringements.

That’s… Okay. You do remember it’s still a simulator, right? It’s true that you have to be IFVARB approved though.



I’m on Philippine Virtual’s side here, but if there is a lawsuit, the judge probably won’t even understand their claim.

Also, why not just PM @PALVirtual and figure out what’s going on? I mean sure, it’s an interesting discussion.

Come to think of it, after reading through their bio, they say they were shut down in summer last year.

@Rynjil_H Can you explain, because this was sent from your email?

The judge would proberly say wat is IF😅😅😅


PAL VA has been closed long time ago.


That would be strange on how would they have contacted IFPHG?

Also as this user is fairly new to the IFC is he familair with the VA and what they do

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You can contact IFPHG by Instagram and Facebook

Wait a minute… You do realize that this mail was sent in March 2018? One year ago? Why do you post it now? The only thing you’re doing right now is presenting the fact that you run a non IFVARB approved VA…


Good observaition detective @Marc

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That makes all of our claims about them being shut down incorrect, but for an email that old, I don’t see the point of this thread, unless just for jokes/discussion purposes.

Also, PAL VA isn’t on the database meaning they are not approved and cannot take any action.


So ur saying both maybe sued for copyright

PAL VA was approved in IF but shut down long time ago due to lack of activity and pilots. Staff were busy too.


Im just wondering if @veeRv1015 should delete is IFPHG VA or any website that he has created so he wont get in to trouble by the law

Based on my understanding, Maybe he created a PAL VA outside the IF community like the IFPHG Group. So, maybe he wants to create one in IF.

But why now? that e-mail is like a year ago.

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Anything VA related like this needs to be discussed with the IFVARB team!