Pakistani Currency & IF Replay suggestion

Hi, All!

First I request infinite flight to please reduce price of IF Pro in Pakistan. IF one month subscription is equal to 1050 Pak rupees and $5.75. The one who earns dollars can give 5 to 6 dollars easily monthly but one thousand Pak rupees are too much in the Country. So I request to Infinite Flight to give a special concession in Pakistan. (Suppose, if people had to give one thousand dollars in US?)

Second, I’ve seen in many simulators that they give aircraft route in replay as I have given in pic. So I request IF to please give use route lines in replay so that we would see the tracks. Thanks.




While this isn’t exactly the same, you can use or to see the track you are flying while you are in the game.

I think this is possible to implement in the replay though. ATC can already see the trails of the aircraft they controlled, so I am sure this would also work for the players. Good idea!

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i understand your situation but you guys pay half of what we (north America) pay. Discounting it even more would result in losses.

But if you do discount, it will cause increasing IF’s purchasing power more in Asian countries.

Even no one will look for cracked app.

I think your issue is to do with FOREX and not IF. The world dictates the value of currency. $1 is not equal to 1Rs, therefore you can’t set the same price. Otherwise, everyone would just buy the game in Rs and get a major discount… You need to understand foreign exchange…

You are already getting a 50% discount!


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You’re saying right. It’s our currency problem but I’m saying to give us more relief if you can…

Relief because of recent different crisis in Asia.

ahhh, understood.

This is quite interesting. OP says the price is 1050 rs which is 440 Indian rupees. but in India, the price
is 99 Indian rupees which is 235 Pakistani Rs. So why the change?

Volumes might play a role in that I reckon

wait I might have an idea @Aviation_Lines where are you getting the top picture from

It’s relief for India! Not for Pakistan. You should understand!

At the same time, you mustn’t neglect the purchasing power relative to the standard income. 5,79$ might be equivalent to more than 10$ compared to the average salary in Pakistan vs. the US.

But after all, I think the prices are automatically translated from one currency to the next by the Play Store and not manually set for every currency by the devs.

Obviously from Infinite Flight free in Pakistan.

ok Because infinite flight cancelled 6 month and year-long subscriptions in 21.6 which might indicate you are either on an older version or do not have a valid one. i am not a expert on this topic and of course might be wrong. because it is weird the infinite flight make the sub offer less in India and more in Pakistan

Ya it’s older one but I don’t install the new one takes too much space. But I do install the latest one and post here again.

that might be the problem since i first bought IF pro in 21.7 and they might have updated prices since then

It’s free latest version 22.2 here. Still asking for 1050 rupees.

OK, then I think there is nothing to do but wait. I don’t know If you should be taking this up with someone. i have flagged a post for a mod to see. maybe they will bring it up

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Please understand, the Indian Rupee is not the same as the Pakistan Rupee. So again, we are talking FOREX here…


know but even though the price translation the cost in India is still less

99Rs which is the price in India is only 235 Pakistani Rs compared to the price of the sub which is 1050 in Pakistan