Pakistan International Airways New Livery


Livery has been leaked of the new Pakistan International Airways (PIA) Livery.

What fo you think of it?

PIA is planning on officially releasing it towards the end of the month.


I wonder what’s the meaning…

How are these people getting hold of this if it’s not due until a months time it’s a strange one


Do you mean what’s the meaning of that text written in Urdu on the plane, on the right side of PIA?


No I mean for this animal (I don’t know the name in english)

Oh that… It looks like the animal Qatar has on theirs as well 🤔
The one on Qatar’s planes are called Arabian Oryx
I believe they live around that area? Around Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, UAE and Qatar.


I like the PIA font but other than that its a ugly livery for me… especially that oryx in the back

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I doubt that is real considering it’s from a random guy

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It looks way better than the current livery, but credibility is the main concern here. ^^^


I like the livery on paper, but once this livery is on the plane I feel it’s going to look odd.

Like Lufthansa’s newest livery, looks great in paper, odd in person.

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That’s what you think

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I want to see this on the 787 for some reason

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This was published on PIA’s Official Twitter Page on January this year.
They’re hinting towards a new livery but we don’t know what it’ll look like yet.

This only showed something is coming

But look at how credible he is with his follower count, usually if he’s a real one he has 10K+ followers, in this case he has 1% of that


Yea, i didn’t believe his post. That picture had a Watermark right on the middle of picture… fishy…😒

Actually, I do really like that. Quite simple and ascetically pleasing.


The tail reminds me of Qatar’s tail. They both kind of look like Antelopes.

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The source of this leak doesn’t seem very credible to me.

Anyway: I would like this livery. Pretty modern and unique.

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Thanks actually quite nice! Much bettee than their other one.

The animal on the tail is the Markhor which is the national animal of Pakistan. The Arabian Oryx is the national animal of Jordan, The UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman.