Pakistan International Airlines orders 8 Boeing 787s

Pakistan International Airlines just ordered 8 New Boeing 787 in return for some 777-200ER’s they will fly To Europe,Japan,Toronto,Middle East etc,The planes will be with the GE engines, what do you guys think is this a good deal, keeping in mind that the 787 is much more efficient.

Could you put an image of it🙏?
It must look awesome.
787 is always a good deal


I don’t have an image
They have placed the order with Boeing

Wonder what they would look like in the Pakistan livery

This livery without the offwhite part between the tail and the wings


Yes. I searched on google but there doesn’t seem to be good images yet. Still looks great

The images will be online in march 2017 I think

In my opinion the tail is the best part


Very informative title 🤔

😂😂😂😂 haha thankyou

For anyone wanting to see an article. I can’t find anything that 100% confirms it though.

PIA is slowly doing a revamp. Better food selection, new uniforms, apparently delays cancellation have decreased and seems like the 787 might be coming. Hopefully everything starts to go in the right direction for them.

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Do you know which type?

They will be the 787-8 type

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They will be -8

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I’d like to apoligise for such a late response!

And I am so happy that PIA is doing this! I guess it’s about time to upgrade thier fleet! This has made my day!

Thank you for tagging me @Diyal24 :)

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No problemo

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I thought that their 77Ls would last them a little longer, I guess they can’t wait for some reason, unifying the 77E and 77L fleets don’t really make sense since they will have an orphan fleet of 3 777-300ER if this is a 1:1 replacement for the -200 variants. I’m just confused.

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