Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 777-300ER

I think the PIA 777-300 ER Would be a great adition to IF

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Photo by Aero plane pictures

Is this your image? If not, we need a link

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No i Will fix it soon

Is the link ok? I fixed it now

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We have enough liveries! We don’t need more! Sorry


Except on the CRJ-200, all of the ERJs, all the fighter jets, and all the GA aircraft


Didn’t know you were a Dev…


You should probably vote for your own topic ;)

I dont Have Any more votes

Just checked we have a PIA 777-200.
IMO I think that there are Hundreds of things that we should get before a 777-300 rework (examples: Global, 3D Buildings, CRJ-Rework, More GA aircraft, Wingflex on all planes, etc)

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I haveny sad when it should be aded i just sad that it would be a Nice add to the game

Livery is gorgoeus :)!

We seriously need this now
Please vote for this

I agree. But they don’t value what we say

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They do. This livery is amazing and should be in the 77W!


A beautiful Livery for the 777-300ER
Would love to have this in the simulator
This would be a great addition to the PIA Fleet in Infinite Flight😂🇵🇰
Pakistan Zindabad!!🇵🇰



Since we are now going to be finally getting a 777 rework, i would definitely love to see the PIA livery for the 777-300ER. We only have the PIA livery for the 200LR in terms of the triple seven.


Any chance of this Livery?
A request to Developers

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Amazing, good request😍👍

Would love to see this in IF!!!