Pakistan International Airlines B777-200ER

I would love to have the 777-200ER PIA liverys! I’m not forcing the devs because they already go through a lot but it would be nice :D

Like if you agree!



Boeing 777-300ER is perfect!


It’s better if you specify the PIA jet you want.

For me it would be the A310, because it used to fly to my home airport

Leeds Bradford? I want the 77W because it used to fly to my local airport.

Yes of course, it’s such a shame they stopped operating the route.

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I know! The 77W still flies to MAN (my old home airport) , but I moved to Wales. Now it’s Cardiff.

Sorry for not being specific! I would pick 777-300ER!

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Yeah PIA is much needed !!! Only 1 plane has the livery. PIA has to be added


I like the new logo half moon with star, is mostly better. B747 new Logo is also lovely.

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Liked B77W + A320 (retro)

Huh? PIA operates all type of 777 Family - B777-200LR, B777-200ER and B777-300ER!

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You are correct!, It’s because in Karachi and mainly any airport in Pakistan, I only see the 200ER.

Sorry for the confusion!

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