Pakistan International Airlines 777-200LR Karachi to Islamabad

6th Tripreport
PIA (PK368)
Pakistan - Pakistan (Domestic)
Plane: Boeing 777-200LR
Date: January 1st 2022
Call Sign: PIA368
Route: Karachi Jinnah International Airport - Islamabad International Airport
Flight Time: 1 Hour and 41 Minutes
Server: Expert
Scheduled Departure: 12:00 PM
Actual Departure: 12:29 PM
Scheduled Arrival: 1:55 PM
Actual Arrival: 2:10 PM

Welcome to my 6th Tripreport! Today, we will be flying to Islamabad from Karachi. I spent a day exploring Karachi and it was very enjoyable. I recommend flying to Pakistan aswell. Anyways, today we will be flying on a 777-200LR to Islamabad. The route is usually operated by an PIA A320-200 but for some reason it ended up being upgraded to a 777. Todays flight time will be an estimated 1 HR and 40 MIN. We are at the Gate right now and we are about to board the aircraft. We will be flying in economy today. The other 777-200 in the background is heading to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,

This is my seat for the next hour and 40 minutes. My seat number is 50A. The flight was fully booked today, every seat had a person sitting on it.

After Pushback and Engine start, I hear the GE-90 engines roar to life. We are taxiing to Runway 07R.

We are rotating out of Karachi now. Takeoff and the Climb was a little turbulent a times. It was the most turbulent during the takeoff roll.

We are cruising at 37,000 feet. We received a complimentary small sandwich and drink. We are currently south of the city of Sukkur, Pakistan. It has a populaton of around 500k people.

We are still cruising at 37,000 feet. Right now, we are over the city of Nawan Jandanwala. That city is fairly small, with a population of around 4,000 people. We will be starting our decent soon.

Here we are turning left onto our approach into Islamabad. The weather is very nice right now, and it’s a very sunny day.

After 1 hour and 41 minutes of flying, we finally landed in Islamabad. The landing was very soft. In the back, you can see the terminal.

We finally parked at the gate. Today’s flight was a great flight and the service was great. The food was mediocre though. Overall, I enjoyed this flight and I hope to see you on the next Tripreport! Thank you for reading and have a great night/day!

Next Flight: Saudia 777-300er Islamabad to Jeddah


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