Pakistan Independence Day Flight @ EGLL - 141730ZAUG17

747- Can I have a gate please?

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Gate 247 is for you event is tonight

@IAKE-Leifjt @Stynes32 @PilotA @darius98 @faizan_haqqi @Stephen_Michael @Stephen_Watt @William_Croft @Kaspar_Danielowski
Event is tonight please be there on time IN PIA LIVERY PLANE ONLY!! And please enjoy!!
Screenshots will be uploaded on Instagram @inflight_786
Spawn 5 min before the start of event
And after landing wait for 5 min and let everyone land. And follow me during Flight my callsign will be PakistanAirways789, copy my flightplan too
Thankyou and please do join me in the future for more events

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Thanks Diyal. Hope to have a great flight. Cu :)

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See you soon man
Hope to have a good group flight

@IAKE-Leifjt @Stynes32 @PilotA @darius98 @faizan_haqqi @Stephen_Michael @Stephen_Watt @William_Croft @Kaspar_Danielowski Altitude for flight will be 20000ft please copy the flight plan which will be drawn by me, and maintain 4nm separation and park at the heavies gate at EGBB or next to me

Please close this topic event is over