Pakistan airways A320

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The title says it all, Obviously you can vote.

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I think the devs just finshed the A320 and have to improve the sim in another field. It would be unwise to keep running around in circles when it’s about liveries on the A320 Family. If the B777 gets improved in the future, you might even get a full Triple 7 ;)


It would be nice if they could :D

Marshall, mind your language. No need to label members here just because a small group of people are what you said.

Stereotypes, stereotypes. If you haven’t even step foot in Pakistan, how can you judge?

Seriously, I hate people like you who judge. I love Pakistan no matter what horrible people like you say

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Do you not know your Geography? Or are you really un-educated, I’m guessing both.


You should leave this community. I don’t know any but I’m sure there are at least a few racist forums available on the Internet. Go talk to other stupid people.


Do not do what (he) is doing but do not make a argument just for that either

Where’s the love guys?

Take it to PM.


Yep yep it’s Pakistan so there’s always going to be a fight. Yes we do need PIA since they is only one plane that has the livery !!!


i found this topic on Best Of IF Community


Can we please see this Livery

Photo credits Sozzad Hossain