Pakistan airline admits taking extra passengers in aisle

This is disgusting. Customer safety should always be your number priority. This is extremely disappointing


Of course it has to happen on the iconic 777.


Well, if it’s crashed, imagine how much trouble they’d be in! But seriously, the 777 operates long flights, so there is no way you should be putting money over safety for passengers.


So… What the hell happened on takeoff and landing!?


They hold on for dear life


If that’s true, then that is truly disgusting.

The governments ofsuch countries does not care about people nor saftey
They believe they r numbers only thats why we always here such stories
In future you will here they put passengers in the cargo


That’s the sad and complete truth unfortunately :(

That is pretty disgusting, the flight attendants should have noticed it and said something to the PIC

They probably told the flight attendants before the flight. They most likely knew about it.

Wow, the ugly truth. The passengers could have taken a stand and inform the aviation authorities

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What?! So they didn’t have a seatbelt, IFE, a table to eat the meal, window views… and blocked the flight attendants?! That’s what I call: idiot.


Cause it will be more $$$ to the airline

Quite unique though too see how airlines want to receive more profit from these kind of weird tricks. It will be dangerous for these persons in case they are experiencing turbulence. Though I guess they will be given a meal as they pay

But as routes to JED is pretty packed (Usually packed with Pilgrims), so it’s not impossible to see these incidents. People doesn’t seem even care with this. As they are going to JED for religious purpose, not to enjoy the journey to there. Just my 2 cents

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What I’m imaging right now LOL


What I imagine

No offense to any Pakistani


Maybe they ate in the galley, used the overhead screens as IFE and tied to the seats by ropes…NOT COOL PIA

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Wow that is sad. Honestly how has no one found out about such operations before. Couldnt expect much from PIA, but this a whole new low.

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Pia is now officially on my list of airlines I will never fly with common why didn’t the passengers ask if they could get of.

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Well its not a big deal if its Pakistan 😂😂. They do the same on the train and they’ve started doing it in the flights.


On about trains? India has the worst trains and have the worest standereds ever made n trains. So yeh Pakistan has better trains.

This is no surprise. We have the worst priminster. But Pakistan is one of the best countries in the world. Only if we had a good priminster.

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