PAJN Juneau Intl Fly-Out

Welcome you all to the Juneau Airport Fly-Out. It has one of the best scenery and mountains during approach and well as departure.
Who’s up for the challenge to fly through and across massive mountains? D

Server: Expert

Airport: PAJN

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Gate Assignments

Terminal Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Duration Pilot
01 Alaska Airlines 737-8 Anchorage 1hr 30mins
02 Alaska Airlines 737-8 Sitka 35mins
03 Alaska Airlines 737-8 Seattle 2hrs 15mins
04 Alaska Airlines 737-8 Petersburg 50mins
05 Alaska Airlines 737-8 Ketchikan 1hr 05mins
06 Alaska Airlines 737-8 Yakutat 1hr 15mins

The airport has only 7 gates for 737-8. Given on first come basis
The 7th gate is open for anyone.


Airline Aircraft Destination Duration
Air Caraibes Cesna 208 Haines 35mins
Air Caraibes Cesna 208 Gustavus 25mins
Air Caraibes Cesna 208 Hoonah 25mins
Air Caraibes Cesna 208 Kake Airport 35mins
Air Caraibes Cesna 208 Skawag 40mins

There are plenty of gates for Cesna 208. Let me know which route you guys want and i will assign you a gate.


Tower -
Ground -
Center Anchorage -


  1. I am not responsible for violations
  2. Follow ATC instructions
  3. If there is no ATC, use the Unicom correctly
  4. No pattern work
  5. Have Fun and enjoy.

I am always open to ideas and suggestions from others.
Happy flying.

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