Paid subscription but created new account

Hello, I need some help. I just paid the one month subscription for Infinite Flight and it automatically created a new Grade 1 account.

Why did this happen? Why didn’t it activate on my Grade 4 account? Does this mean I’ve lost all my progress!? 😥

Help please :(

Please change this into #support !!

I’m logged in a new account and the subscription is only valid there

Check that your account is the same and you haven’t change it.

It is! I was logged in my Google account and when the payment was finished, it logged me into this one :(

@Keiner_u97 - This can be fixed, don’t worry :)

What is your callsign and display name for your Grade 4 account?

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So, let’s see what does the staff say :)

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Oh thanks!

Display name is: itzKeineer
Callsign: Qatari 726 Super

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Have good day mate, hope it’s solved soon…


Restart the app and sign in to your account and you’ll be good now :)


Perfect! Thank you so much! Safe flights :)