Paid for one month of a live subscription, but am unable to connect to Infinite Flight Live

My problem is still not fixed and this is getting a bit ridiculous. I haven’t been able to play since August 15th. I have not set up family sharing. I want either a refund or a month of Infinite Flight Live (preferably this).

I was saying that to Mackenzie, not you. But Matt is aware of this, because he commented. He knows, just a matter of time now. He can figure it out.

I have to have family sharing as it is needed for things like Apple Music and buying apps in our family. I’ve had it this way for about a year so not sure what’s different now. Please fix this and (until it is fixed) update your App Store text to make it clear that live subscriptions do not work if you have family sharing. Really disappointing that I cannot use the live functionality. :(

At the bottom of the app page in the App Store there is a line that says “Family Sharing” and devs can either select yes or no. Pretty sure that’s just changing one drop-down menu from “Yes” to “No”, but I don’t know whether you have to send an update to Apple or whether that would be necessary just to change that detail.

Family sharing is marked as YES in the App Store, however they deva clearly do NOT support properly. Please fix!

So I am guessing the developers are unable or unwilling to address this issue?

I would really like to use a live subscription and want to pay for it but it’s got to work properly with family sharing!

Looks like I will have to find another app instead of infinite flight :(

I have got the same problem on my device 😭😭😭😭

i’ve got the same issue… on android

same is happening to me this time it’s live+

I am not able to reply to live boards? What am I doing wrong? I have paid for live - thanks, Jack.

guys, I bought infinite flight live plus but it’s not working since the update what should I do? will I be able to fly on solo mode with all the planes

Restart device. Reinstall Infinite Flight. Restore purchases?

Guyz I got the same prob but how to subscribe how much is it I’m new plz!!
Can ayo e tell maybe someone senior?

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Already done

First time it’s happening to me

Godzilla_gamer I have been flying for a long time on live plus, this has happened to me first time I have contacted support they said to do the same thing u said but still not working. My internet is perfect


Welp, only thing to do is contact support again and tell them you did everything you could.

ok I’ll contact support again