Paid for one month of a live subscription, but am unable to connect to Infinite Flight Live

I was charged for a month of Infinite Flight Live. I have used Live for months and have never had this problem. I have tried restoring purchases but nothing happens. All it says is “No active Infinite a Flight Live subscription found.”

Here is the proof of my purchase on August 15th:

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Have you tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, then restoring the purchases?

Occasionally, Infinite Flight Live servers may be temporarily down.


Still did not work.

Already done that

how is it now?

It still does not work.

Was the app purchased using iTunes family share?

No it was not.

Log out and back in. That could work, otherwise maybe the purchase did not go through. I suggest checking your balance to verify it, even though you got your receipt. Are you able to go to the live homescreen? Or does it still show the picture with the live description.

I see this:

I have tried logging in and out, restoring purchases, reinstalling the app.

The charge was completed and it was charged to the credit card.

I used google.

When you tap on the “No active IF Live subscription…” text, then tap on “I already have a subscription”, what happens?


What version of iOS are you using btw?

It just says Restoring purchases then goes back to the home screen. I am using iOS 8.4.1.

how is it now? does it work?

Nope. Still not working.

Hi, I have the same problem - we have family sharing on iOS and it’s not working. I’ve been charged for this but cannot use it, please advise how this can be resolved as Apple are sending me to you and not refunding.

I believe you cannot buy a subscription via Family Sharing. You can try to get a refund, and buy it again, while not on a family sharing account. I’m not 100% positive though.