Paid for a month of a live subscription, but am unable to connect to Infinite Flight Live

I paid for a month and can’t go online at all tried everything please help !!

What does it say when you try and login also did you use a family share on iTunes if so that doesn’t work.

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am on android galaxy s5, when I try to connect to live it said controller mode access is restricted on this server !

Oh. Don’t panic, you’ve selected either the wrong mode or server.

If you’d like to be ATC, select the ‘Playground’ server.

If you’d like to be a pilot, ensure that you’ve selected that on the main screen.

First Officer Tom


The Advanced ATC server is restricted to allowing only those who’ve completed testing and demonstrated excellent controller services.
The ATC Playground server is open to all, and the best place to get started with practicing controlling and flying in controlled airspaces.