Paid ATC in IF

I am not sure whether FDS can afford but is hiring ATC for FNF a good idea? The only thing is people who sign up for this should take this as serious as a part-time job…

Nah, people will control for free because its fun.


Maybe FDS can make it so that all major ATCs will be filled till the event ends on IF?

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Just no. People that control FNF are Advanced ATC controllers. They just want to do it for fun.


Waste of money when people can do it if they want/when they want


Are you saying we don’t take it serious now?


I think IF should also pay pilots to fly in fnf then. Right?


Haha, funniest thing I’ve heard today


Alright I just landed where’s my paycheck?


By serious, I mean you cannot say I will come at 3 AM, but not come…

We have certain time slots that we sign up for ATC. Remember we can’t always be online as we have life’s outside of IF :-) we try to be on as much as we can! No need for us to be payed!!

If ATC are willing to do it for free, I’m not picking up the tab for this. The service is stellar, the controllers don’t mind, no need to factor even more money into an app that already charges a decent sum for all of the features.

Would exacerbate the “You charge too much” complaints even more.


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Remember that the youngest people doing advanced ATC are 14 year olds. They cannot take this up as a part time job. Me, being a controller, just does it for fun. A great way to add on to the IF environment.

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Everyone can control on advanced server…but there is a optional thing called FNF controlling for which you can get paid…

Is this a joke or a serious thread?

The FNF server is a dirivitive of the advanced server so we can enforce the NOTAM without repercussions. As to your other response we always have a fully staffed 1st half of the FNF. Try and fly during that time if you can.

So the IFATC team that took a test Some off them are real pilots are not serieus Okay that😢 To hear

No not a good idea - it would cause a few problems with peoples expectations.

I could however see potential in a unofficial “tipping” system using something like Bitcoin or even Dogecoin.
If you enjoy the service and want to reward the controller more than a “like”, give them some digital cash instead kind of thing.

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