Paid aircraft locked

Today I opened infinite flight and though I have paid for several aircraft (A320, B747-200, F-22, Citation X), today I realised that I can’t fly with those planes because I need to have a Pro Subscription. How could my paid planes be unlocked?
P.S. I suppose that this happened because of the latest update. (Device: Samsung Galaxy S8)

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You now must buy a subsription to unlock all paid plane. (i think)

Yes but FDS has said that if you had bought planes before Global came out, then those will remain accesible even if you don’t have a Pro Sub.

Have you tried to Restore purchases?

Hello JV69,

Have you signed back into the account you purchased those aircraft with? This might be the reason as to why you can’t access them.

How can you do that? (In an Android device)

I am signed in

Go to the aircraft selection screen, you are going to see Restore purchases.

I paid for the Boeing 787-8, but I can’t fly it anymore. That changed a year ago. When Global update came out.

You must either :

Purchase a subscription to fly all aircrafts
Or Use the Free Aircrafts in the listed selection.

I know, that happened to me too. People also had similar issues before. Have in mind that you also must fly in the selected regions, when having no subscription.

Doesn’t have that option

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Android don’t have the “Restore purchases” option as it should unlock automatically.

If it for some reason doesn’t, a reinstall should help.


Yes, that worked. Thanks for your help