Paid Additional livery packages

Maybe, there should be additional livery packets? $2,99 ( e170 price) or $4,99 and you get, for example, a big bunch ( 10-20-30 ) of liveries, even combined( specially chosen, as not every livery suits different person), for a320 family,
same for all 737s, and other planes like 747-> -777 ,so we can have much more liveries to fly. Two most popular aircraft types in IF. Or $0,99 for a few liveries. So Dev’s get money and satisfy more customers. And almost lack of tracking/livery request threads, though basic livery packs should remain as they are, Multi-Country and most popular liveries. This may be applied not just to one plane type, but also something like this:

" All " American Airlines" fleet",
“Transaero collection” “All special non-standard liveries”, " Chinese Airlines", “Flag Carriers”, “Christmas Liveries”, “IAG”, “Low Cost from all over the World”, “British Airways World Tails”, “Celebrities”, “Politicians”, “Retro liveries”, “OneWorld alliance”, “Home colors”, “Airlines of the Past”, and you are welcome to suggest other ideas for additional livery collections.

{once again- if this feature finds place in IF, our community won’t see as much Livery request topics as we have now, and developers will be on Forbes top 100 😀}

Thoughts? 🙂

Dislike as when I buy an aircraft, I want the whole thing.