PACOTS issue

Hi guys, I’m planning a flight from KLAX to RJTT for this afternoon but I’ve seen that not all the Pacific tracks shown on simbrief are on IF too, can someone explain me why?

The pacific tracks in IF aren’t updated daily like the NATS

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IF only picks the best tracks daily and not all of them! Have a great flight!
Cign :D
I was just flying over the pacific and flew on a track that was not shown in IF, if you just use your waypoints it should be fine!

Edit: highlighted bit incorrect. I was going off a post someone else did saying: The tracks update normally to the real world track (pretty cool right) and they find the really world tracks that are the best ones

This is not true.

The reason for the pacific tracks is that it is hard to find a reliable data source that can automatically update without any input from the devs.


What source do you use for the North Atlantic tracks?

Is that the same for the North Atlantic Trackers?

NATs are updated in real time since we have data for that


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