Package Scare on Norwegian Flight (EGKK-LEPA)

Yesterday i was travelling to Mallorca for a weekend away and at the last minute we were stopped at the jetway/entrance to the plane.

Shortly after this the Dispatch Lead explained to use that a Package was found underneath the seat and the police and security have been called.

Around five to ten mintues after this the crew where evacuated and the police arrived to remove the ‘suspicious package’

After the police removed the package we boarded and took off around 25 to 30 minutes after the scheduled departure time

I hope this is a interesting enough read and hopefully it shows how high the threat level presently is at airports.

Note- grateful for the police normally i am the one that gets thanked but this time it is the other way round :)


Damn. this was interesting to read


Quite scary… Thanks for sharing this with us :)

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Huh…interesting…and definitely dodgy…


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Oh and here are a couple more pictures (General and the scare)i forgot to add:

And a nice little spot of the new British Airways BEA livery


This is usually normal. A passenger forgets his or hers package when off boarding.

But who knows? It could be a bomb…

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About Heathrow airport…

The bomb threat alarm goes off almost every hour. If you look carefully, you could spot a small red light on every security point. If it goes off (depends on the area of the airport as well), they stop all operations until it is solved.

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The doors that are armed at gates ?

No, at the security points

Due to the current terror threat level in the UK anything left such as an unattended bag has to be taken seriously. I believe it was a bubble wrap envelope which was left from the previous flight

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Wow. Who knows what that package could have been! Glad they found it!

Threat level doesn’t change the protocol unless it’s severe or critical in which case police will be more alert and more armed officers will be at public locations of importance along with members of the armed forces if needed. Any package is treated this way in an airport.

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It’s sad that we’re living in a time where a simple package a passenger forgot on a plane causes so much trouble and even fear.

Of course, it was the right decision to be careful and call in the specialists. But it’s still sad how our world looks sometimes.

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Doesn’t the protocol only change when we get to critical? As we are currently at severe only thinking as in the briefing we received operation Temperer only comes into effect when the threat level reaches Critical and that’s when we use the armed forces.

It depends on what the government put in place but yes, armed forces will be put into action so armed police can be in other public places where it’s needed. As for airport security though that is pretty much always the same, armed police are always stationed there and all packages are checked for explosives

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