Pacifica Virtual Presents - The Great @EGSS Flyout! [ACTIVE]

Pacifica Virtual is spending the first Christmas with you!

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Hello IFC, as we know the Christmas holidays is approaching closer and closer, the end of 2022 is here and it is time to say hello to the new year 2023. So we jumped at the chance to host our first ever event in Pacifica Virtual, we will host this event on Sunday, December 31, 2022 at 20:00 Zulu Time!

To celebrate this Christmas, we’ve decided to host an event at our main hub, London Stansted [ @EGSS | STN ].

Server: Expert Server (ES)
Airport: EGSS - STN - London Stansted
Event Date: 2022-12-30T22:00:00Z2022-12-31T22:00:00Z
Aircraft: Participants Discretion
Livery: Generic (For PFVA Flights), Participants Discretion


• Listen to ATC instructions.
• If there is no ATC, use Unicom professionally.
• If for any reason you will not be able to turn up to the event, say so by replying.

London Stansted Airport is located near the village of Stansted Mountfitchet. It has one main passenger terminal. Three passenger satellites have departure gates; one is connected to the main terminal by an air bridge and the other two by the Stansted Airport Transit System.

Signing up for the event is simple! You only have to fill out the following:

Flying for PFVA or not?

Otherwise control our hub airport fellow IFATC members!


If you are flying for Pacifica Virtual or generally want to fly using our VA Routes:

View Pacifica Virtual's Fleet

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Aircraft ICAO
Embraer 190 ( E190 )
Airbus A220-300 ( BCS3 )
Airbus A320-200 ( A320 )
Airbus A330-900neo ( A339 )
Airbus A350-900 ( A359 )
Boeing B737-800 ( B738 )
Boeing B757-200 ( B752 )
Boeing B787-9 ( B789 )

Since it’s Christmas, our suggested routes are mostly ideal for winter destinations, we now offer so many more routes to the North, as well as to the South, giving also some love to the people having their summer!

Here are our recommendations, handpicked by the staff of Pacifica Virtual:
View Our Suggested Routes
Flight Number Destination ICAO Country 3D
PFVA 16 Reykjavik BIKF Iceland
PFVA 38 New York KJFK United States
PFVA 54 Tokyo RJTT Japan
PFVA 62 Johannesburg FAOR South Africa
PFVA 69 Sydney YSSY Australia
PFVA 70 Auckland NZAA New Zealand
PFVA 126 Bergen ENBR Norway
PFVA 128 Tromso ENTC Norway
PFVA 150 Longyearbyen ENSB Norway
PFVA 152 Rovaniemi EFRO Finland
PFVA 154 Kittila EFKT Finland
PFVA 156 Alesund ENAL Norway
PFVA 158 Gothenburg ESGG Sweden
PFVA 160 Oulu EFOU Finland
PFVA 162 Melbourne YMML Australia
PFVA 164 Christchurch NZCH New Zealand
PFVA 166 Wellington NZWN New Zealand

Our New Start

Pacifica Virtual is a IFVARB approved VA since 23rd of October 2022. With our hub at London Stansted, we fly to a large variety of places all around the globe. One of the newest airlines strives for excellence regardless of having knowledge or not. We strive to help our pilots grow and become a successful virtual airline.

Our Vision

We dream of being an active community in the future, through friendliness, professionalism, punctuality and performance.

Our Team

Since we are a recent airline, we do not provide a large team of staff, but enough for the pilots we currently have. We look forward to seeing more staff that will improve our VA and we are very sure it would help!

Interested in joining PFVA? Apply Here!


This thread has been indirectly influenced by other VA Events.
We, Pacifica Virtual, have no affiliation nor are we endorsed with real life airlines or airports. We are a virtual airline specifically only for the mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight.



Let’s get some signups going! We really look forward for this event.


Nice! I’ll fly an EasyJet A320 to Glasgow. EZY402


Im going! PFVA 32 to Dublin in a 752 :)


It’s great seeing people signing up for our event! Let’s see more, can we get this event crowded on New Year’s Eve?

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Let’s get more signups IFC!

Can I fly jet2 757 to Gran Canaria

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Yeah of course!

Actually I’ll fly the emirates 777-300 to Dubai

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Yeah no problem at all! Looking forward to see you and others in the event!


My call sign will be emirates 66 aka ek66


I might just fly along with you guys 🛫


That’s great! We’re visibly getting more people signing up! I hope we can get more, we still have more than one week!


Hello IFC and Pilots,

We have 2 days left till our event! Are you ready?

Let’s perhaps get more signups now!


Just a reminder our event is starting today!

lhr_pilot | PFVA CEO

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Hello IFC!

Our first ever event is taking place tonight! Let’s get some final signups if anyone else is interested in participating! We are very excited and thank you to all the pilots who signed up for this event!

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(Signed up)

Event is starting now!

I hope I didn’t scare you with the Mach 2 pass right over you by mere inches


I didn’t even see you lol. I’ll look at the replay and see it

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Did you see it?