Pacifica Virtual | Destination: The World | 2022 Thread

787-9 following A359

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To watch it’s delivery flight go to expert server LFBO

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That’s great! I should be able to join, is it now or later?

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Spawning in now but leaves in 41 Minutes


Okay I’ll pay a visit!

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Welcome to the VA world @pacifica_virtual !


and its off to london!


Arriving in 39 mins you can watch my arrival into stn

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We are about to land in London @lhr_pilot Edit: we have landed! but i have parked already and despawned


The A350 has just been delivered to PFVAs fleet by @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek


📣 Pacifica Virtual Announcement 📣

We are delighted to announce…that we are in the process of entering the GlobalOne Virtual Alliance!

Pacifica Virtual is currently an observer of G1VA, due to us being a fictional airline. The approval of our virtual is on the table and may become a full member of the alliance very soon and be spotlighted. We really look forward to this!

Interested in joining our virtual airline? Contact @pacifica_virtual or our CEO @lhr_pilot or our COO @NGM116 to start the process!

NGM116 | Pacifica Virtual’s COO

🔔 New Multiplier Avaliable 🔔

Hey all pilots,

After Argentina 🇦🇷 won the World Cup, all PFVA flights to there will get a 2.5x flight time multiplier. This is a great opportunity to get some flight hours!

Interested in joining?

Interested in joining PFVA? Apply Here !

lhr_pilot | PFVA CEO

Btw I’m back


That’s great!

Nice! Are you going to do something for this event?

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Please Behold…A New Hub Has Emerged In Pacifica Virtual!

We are very excited to have such a major airport as our hub, and we wish this gives us more opportunities to become a successful Virtual Airline in the future. Thank you to everyone who is supporting us and willing to become a member of our VA.

Stansted and Dubai are now our current hubs, and we are possibly planning to add more to every continent!

NGM116 | Chief Operations Officer

Willing to join our Team?

Apply Here!


Our 2022 Summary

Pacifica Virtual Pilots Activity

Current Members: 6
Pilot Reports Filed: 14
Total Flying Hours: ~49

This 2022 Award goes to @Dodsky for filing the most PIREPs and flying the most!

Long Haul 2022 Award goes to @ryanairlanding for filing the most long haul flights!

We thank all our pilots for their dedication to fly for Pacifica Virtual and we hope to see more activity as the year 2023 is now near the gates. We are very grateful for what you have done so far, 2 months in operation.

We strive to have more activity during 2023, more changes will be on the queue soon to give us more opportunities to becoming a very active virtual airline and community. We look forward to having you on board and we really appreciate your support.

We would like to wish everyone here a Happy New Year, full of joy, creativity, and luck. We are pleased to become a virtual airline and make it what it looks like today. We hope 2023 will be an amazing year, as we are predicting a lot of changes in order to improve our virtual airline, therefore you could look forward to them!

By the way, do not forget our event which is starting today December 31 at 20:00Z at our hub Stansted, on the Expert Server! We are excited to see everyone who is signed up for it at our main hub airport!

More Information Here:

Interested Joining Our Team?

Apply Here!


We, Pacifica Virtual, have no affiliation nor are we endorsed with real life airlines or airports. We are a virtual airline specifically only for the mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight .

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Hello fellow IFC members,

We are due for a massive revamp to our ranking system, this means probable fleet addition! Whoever joins or is already part of Pacifica Virtual until our update comes around will also have a higher advantage, as well as maintaining a high rank.

NGM116 | Chief Operations Officer

Interested In Joining Our Team?

Apply Here!

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Hi there community 👋🏻

As a mid-rank pilot with Pacifica(not staff), I would like to say a few things as to why I think this VA is a great one join if you are looking to get into VA’s or to add another string to the bow.

Firstly, Pacifica are unique in that they are a purely virtual airline, meaning they do not exist in the real world. This means they are not bound by the usual restrictions of routes/aircraft when mirroring a real life organisation and therefore offer us all the latest and most up-to-date planes to use and a extensive and varied route database. This really is one area in which Pacifica sets itself apart from the rest and one of the key reasons that encouraged me to apply.

The application process for a lot of VA’s can be daunting particularly for those who are new to it, but at Pacifica, although of course there are certain qualifying requirements and standards expected of us, there are no scary assessments to pass or practical exams to face, and you can be flying with your call sign in no time at all. Ranking is very reasonable and there are plenty of very generous multipliers on offer for just a little regular activity.

Like many VA enthusiasts, I fly for a lot of mainstream virtual organisations. However, the presentation, organisation and professionalism from the small staff team at Pacifica, in my own experience, is as good as any I’ve seen and their dedication is amazing.

So, if you would like to get involved and be part of something that is truly unique and is growing, be sure to click that apply button!

👨🏻‍✈️Pacifica 212PF