Pacific islands scenery

As I did United’s island hopper, which was the most fun Iv ever had, I noticed, that some of the islands were missing, and the ones that did, didn’t have an scenery. I’m making this topic so we CAN have scenery in these remote islands in the Pacific Ocean, for example Guam. One of United airlines hub, it doesn’t have any scenery! And Guam would like gorgeous, so would these islands, if we had the scenery, who’s with me on this!!

-here are some images! image image

Good news!! The rest of the globe will be completed very soon!


Tbh, I wouldn’t have posted this if I saw the announcement was made today 😅🤣 thanks for showing me this!! So excited to see all of these islands come to life!!


The announcement was made back in December…

No, it wasn’t. It was made a few weeks ago. It just happens to be in the End of Year Scenery Update thread.

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