Pacific Island Hopping U.S. Territories

Hey IFC! Today’s topic is on a flight I flew yesterday between 2 of the many U.S. Territories located throughout the Pacific Ocean. I departed American Samoa and flew Northwest towards The Federated States of Micronesia. The flight was very uneventful since it was over the open waters except for the occasional islands and atolls that popped up.

Server: Expert
Route: Pago Pago to Pohnpei (NSTU - PTPN)
Airline/aircraft: United B737-700
Flight Time: 5 hours 16 minutes

At Pago Pago Int’l Airport

Lining up on runway 05

Taking off for Micronesia

Leaving the American Samoa Territory

Flying over Samoa, American Samoa’s neighboring islands.

Landing at Pohnpei in The Federated States of Micronesia

Exiting the runway

Parked at the ramp gate


Nice flight however in real life United does not fly from Pago Pago to Pohnpei

Yeah I know, just felt like flying this route lol

Flew to Phonpei from Guam a few days ago

I haven’t really ever flown a real route to or from Guam 😂

Me neither before that… I always saw plenty United planes there, but I never spend a thought thinking about flying there. The islands are small but beautiful in this region!

Yeah I wish more islands got ATC when Pacific Islands are featured