Pacific Hop: Majuro-Kwajalein

Hello IFC! Today I have some photos of a flight I did a few days ago. Today we’re flying part of the famous United Airlines Island Hop. Specifically Majuro (PKMJ) to Kwajalein (PKWA). This was apart of an Island Hopper event held by @Butter575

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Livery/Airline: United Airlines (Evo Blue)
Flight Time: 50 minutes
Cruising Altitude: 15,000 FT.

On the ground at Majuro. Lots of traffic!

Takeoff lineup:

Takeoff outta Majuro

All alone in the middle of the Pacific

Maybe not…

Wing view!

Finally some form of life!


Welcome to Kwajalein

At the gate

That’s all the pics I have for you today! I have a lot more flight pics down the pipeline so keep on the lookout for that. Also shoutout to @Oregon001, @Pingu, @UALPilot, and @Butter575 for flying along. Have a good one!!


um that’s witerawy me 👆

thanks for a great flight!

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You too! (10)

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