Pacific Crossing in A320 (PANC-RJAA)

Today (July 08 2019) at roughly 3:30 MST (2130z) I attempted a flight that I thought would fail, Anchorage to Tokyo. It was 3024nm and from take off to landing took 6hrs 28mins. Hopefully this will put the a320 in a new respect for you.






I hope to try to go from Tokyo (RJAA) to Seattle (KSEA) sometime soon in the a320.


Wow! I’ve seen that they have a really big fuel capacity (9 hours or something like that). Other than that nice pictures.

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I filled it to max (7:44hrs) and had 1hr 10mins left

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I kinda want to try it in a CRJ200 since it can hold about 6 or so hours of fuel. #RiseOfTheNarrowBodys. (Not an actual #)

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I’m going to be attempting this flight in all narrow body planes (excluding 757 and a321 since they are ment for that distance). What should I use in my next one? (Note:CRJ700-1000 dont have enough fuel but I could run a -200 on the return with tail winds)

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Awesome pics! I didn’t know the A320 has that range. 😃
Tip: Just take out the HUD in the first one.

@KGJT-9149 I recommend the E190

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Hello fellow FDXVA member! I saw your pics on Discord. Use the 737 series! They can go about 8 hours on max!

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@Butter_Boi @Suhas My plan is to try every Narrow Body that can do that flight including the E190/95 and 737. I’m also trying the CRJ200

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Well good luck, and as always,
I have been thinking about doing an a319 floght across the Atlantic😏 🤔


A319 should work. BA uses the A318 to go from London City to JFK

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I will be posting more of these about the different planes I use

Amazing shots 👍🏻

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