Pacific Coastal New Livery

anyone living in B.C. is quite fimlier with our aviation industry (and premier Christy) you may have noticed that Pacific Coastal got a new livery with the addition of the Saab 340B, and Beech 1900. here is a Before And After Look At The Livery.



I changed it to RWA. Both of the liveries look very nice.

ok thx narroc @Narroc_Wim

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I also miss the old Jazz Livery. the new “Express” one is to boring. image

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I agree. I think they should of changed the color of the tail and fuselage to the air Canada livery and kept the Jazz logo on there.

Same. i cant stand the look of there new livery. its a disgrace to Canadian culture. the should change it soon for there 80th anniversary next year (2017)
image i found this one on google

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It looks good on jets and the Q400 but not on the smaller props.

If they changed the white to a really light blue, it will be one of my favorite liveries.

same here.

That livery is amazing

The new Pacific Coastal livery looks quite a bit better than that old one. Too bad they had a nice font for “Pacific Coastal” but dropped the “.com” in normal font. Otherwise, it looks great.

I don’t like both liveries for some reason.

weird. i like #2 better

I prefer the first one. I had no idea they changed the livery

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