Pacific Airshow 2023

Hello everyone. This weekend I went to the Pacific Airshow 2023 in Orange County, California. I was able to watch the whole show from my hotel room along with getting some shots from the show’s “best lineup yet.” Enjoy the photos!

F/A-18E Growlers demo

The Canadian Snowbirds’ amazing performance

F-15 speeding by

F-35C demo

F-22 demo

Thunderbirds F-16 finale

Which was your favorite?

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Thanks for viewing!


That F-15 livery is awesome 🤩

Nice shots!

Thank you.

Searching for an “All” option
Amazing photos Sir Butters


Great pictures!!

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awe i need to go to this next year! Sorry miramar!

Yes it is definitely a show worth seeing

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i was invited to go on a yacht but had to work today :(

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That would be cool to see the show from a boat, they tend to fly a lot lower by the boats


I went on Saturday but we left before the Thunderbirds because of the rain 😞 I missed like half the show…😡

Yeah, they said it was canceled but the show continued like an hour after the rain with several more delays

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I was just casually shivering in the wind watching a B-17 or whatever it was fly around and then I saw a gray wall of rain approaching…

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Yeah it did get really cold at one point

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